Protect Your Digital Products From Theft

Digital Download Guard (DLG) can look after your digital data files across the internet. Along with digital files

staying added to websites many owners are now worried how those files are being used by other people that

access all of them. Protect your digital files by digital Download Guard (DLG).

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Digital Download Guard (DLG) can look after your streaming records across the internet with the help of rules of

utilization to your files. Along with digital files being added to websites several owners are now anxious how

those data files are being used by other folks that access them.

Website owners are looking at the way to protect their digital files. DLG is the most reasonable way to do just

which, an approach to protect your current digital media having a usage rule(ersus). DLG prevents illegal submitting

of your content on the internet. Many viewers are usually presently cutting along with pasting, downloading records

and using digital records found on websites because of their own usage, with no concern over the copyright

notation on this web page.

First, Determine If You may need DLG

If you are streaming several digital files on the net that you need defense for, or a number of files

being considered by 1,000's as well as l00's of thousands of audiences then you need to consider DLG. If you would like

to control how many hours or days someone can view an on-demand record, or how many times they could

download a file, or maybe they can pass that file to close friends, or copy it to a CD, or just copy and paste it to be able to

their site then you need DLG. DLG can control all of these utilizes from your viewers.


Attributes of DLG

DLG is easy to use as a menu and tutorials of what you need to do to shield each file,

as well as numerous files you are using.

How Does That Work

Depending on the form of file, you select regulations for those files. Put simply, if you are doing a good ondemand

file you can select the number of hours or days a viewer has access to that file after selecting or

purchasing it. Whether it was a downloadable file you might select how often times it can be downloaded to be able to

their computer.

DLG might be integrated with your settlement processor if you are charging for these digital files, which

means the particular viewer can't also access the report without payment first.

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Anyone the need to protect their digital files should make use of Digital Download Guard (DLG). DLG will

help to safeguard your digital streams from improper usage and distribution all over the world!

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